Five Concussion Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Fiction: You have to lose consciousness in order to be considered to have suffered from a concussion. Fact:      Losing consciousness is only one of the criteria that can determine if the injury is a concussion and it only happens in about 10% of concussion cases. To be diagnosed with a concussion, you only need to have at least one of the following: 1.        Any period of loss of consciousness (0-30 minutes) 2.        Any loss of memory about events that happened immediately before or after the incident 3.        Any alteration in mental state (feeling dazed or “fogginess”, confused, inability to clearly think, and not being able to answer simple questions at the time of the incident)   Fiction: If you didn’t hit your head, you can’t sustain a concussion. Fact:      Do you remember the old commercials with the egg that said, “This is your brain, this is your brain on drugs?” Well, let’s use that. In this example, the eggshell


Welcome to our first blog and allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dr. Michael DeCriscio, and I am the owner of Carolina Concussion & Physical Medicine in Wake Forest, NC. My training has allowed me to help those with concussion and vestibular injuries recover from acute to the complex, persistent unresolved injuries. I am a certified brain injury specialist by the Academy of Brain Injury Specialists. Along with my board certification in vestibular rehabilitation and extensive training in mTBI rehabilitation, I am excited to bring my knowledge and experience from my vestibular practice in Maryland to the Triangle of North Carolina. In 2010, I founded Center for Dizziness & Balance Disorders in Hagerstown, MD where I trained and worked with physical therapists in diagnosing and treating concussion and vestibular injuries. In 2017, the practice was acquired by Summit Health Hospital System in Pennsylvania where I remain on staff training their physical therapists and p